Retse Holmes - Graphic Designer

When you’re putting your business in someone else’s hands, there are things you should know.

There are questions you should ask. Allow me to answer them for you...

How much experience do you have?

I have a lifetime of experience as a lover of art, and over 20 years of professional experience in graphic design. I have a diverse background in print, advertising and digital design across a variety of industries from health and wellness to real estate. I’ve supported solo operations and multi-million dollar companies. I’ve had my hands in all of it and landed here as my own boss and your design partner.

Why do you do what you do?

Because design matters. It matters because it influences what people think of you, and what people think of you matters because your success—and the mark you leave on the world—depends on it.

Why don’t you work for an agency?

The beauty of running your own business is you get to pursue your passion, chase your ideas, and still have space for the people who matter most. You know that; I know that, and so here we are.

Here, you get all the talent of an agency to bring your ideas to life, but none of the bouncing around. You get the experience of a seasoned designer and the comfort of a loyal companion, rather than something cold and corporate.

Tell me about yourself…

Name: Retse Holmes

Hometown: Gadsden, AL

Currently Living: Winter Park, FL

College: Auburn University

Designing Since: 1999

Childhood Dream Job:
Disney Animator

Favorite Things To Design: Brochures & Ads

Kids: 5 (blended family ranging from 17-23)

Retse Designs LLC